Yuki Framework

The Yuki Framework is about helping you to understand the customers that you have or want to acquire, in order to create a loyal and profitable customer base. As your customers move through the various stages of their journey with your organisation, their perception of your company may change and there will be unique challenges for each step of the journey. The framework can help you to establish a customer relationship management strategy to better engage your customers. We will help you to identify tools that will help you to provide a great customer experience.

As Bruce Temkin has once said, customer experience is “the perception that customers have of their interactions with an organization”. It is about how the customers feel and it is purely subjective. Good customer experience does not mean giving away free services or gifts (although that helps), it is about meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations consistently. If a customer likes your organisation, they are more likely to keep buying from you and be an advocate. Conversely, if they do not, they will likely seek another source and be a detractor.

Customer experience is gained and accumulated through repeated interactions. The continuous interaction with your customers (customer engagement) cannot be done by a single department alone. It requires the coordinated efforts of the whole organisation. In this day and age, customers have a multitude of communication channels available to them, whether it is email, phone, website, social media or the face to face encounters. It is important that an organisation is able to provide a consistent overall experience across these channels by all parts of your organisation.

In order to provide a consistent experience, all members of your organisation will need to have the same information on the customers. A customer relationship management system forms the backbone to manage the business operations related to the customers. It acts as a central hub to capture, store and analyse the data about the customers, providing insights for your organisation to better engage the customers, leading to a better experience.

Customer Relationship Management strategy is important to organisations of all size and it is part of the overall strategy of your organisation. It is important to know what kind of customers are of value to your organisation and it is that segment of the market the organisation should focus on. As a result, our approach is heavily data driven to ensure the customers you have are the customers you want.

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